What Is WordPress And How Can You Build Your Website With The Help Of WordPress?

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WordPress is known as the best and the most popular source which provides open-source content management. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or just a beginner at making websites. WordPress is the easiest platform for you. You can create, edit, manage, and a lot of things just t wordpress website builder. 

One doesn’t hesitate to use WordPress because the experts maintain it or developing websites. WordPress came into use in 2003, and even now, it is growing and will keep growing. There are so many brands that are using WordPress for their management of websites. You get a lot of security and maintenance in one place. 

If you want to accomplish all your goals with your website, your best bet would be WordPress. To date, wordpress website builder is known as the best, and according to their services, they aim to stay the best also. 

Step by step guide to building a website on WordPress

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When you know the process of making a website on your own, it can help you save a lot of money and time. When you go for web-designers or developers, they ask for a lot of money to make it for you. But with the help of WordPress’s free website, you can build your website as per your specifications. 

  1. Log in to WordPress or install the application: Many website building platforms will provide you free services, but WordPress will get you effective services. Most use the free services as a marketing service, but it is the genuine service for WordPress, and you will go on the paid website with your consent only. The idea of using WordPress is that you can edit or create the whole website without even a bit of knowledge of coding. The main advantage of using a wordpress website builder is that you don’t have to rely on someone else for your website. And you don’t have to explain the whole aspect also.
  2. Name your website and buy a hosting and domain: To have a website, it is a primary thing to pick a name for your website. Some people find it fun, and for some people, it is a brain teaser. You need to pick the name, which would be the first step towards your website’s initiation. You have to buy hosting for your website so that you can get the right traffic on your website. Even though the domain has to be according to you, these are some things you need to consider while coming up with it:
    • It should sound unique and brandable. You can’t use a name that is already in use.
    • It should be memorized quickly, so you need to make it short.
    • The name should be easy to spell and read. If you are making it so complicated, people will not remember it at all.
  3. Get familiar with the user interface of WordPress: When you open the website, you will see that mainly all the shortcuts are given on the admin panel. The welcome message will help you know the basic and primary things of the website. You will also be able to see your website’s current status with the help of the wordpress website builder. You also need to figure out how to create posts, upload/manage the media files, create sub-pages and comments. 
  4. Pick a theme or design of the website: If you want people to stick to your website, you need to have a great theme. You can choose any of the themes and see their effectiveness. If you are using the free website, you will still get dozens of themes to choose from. If you are using the paid application, you can get the managed hosting of WordPress and get more services.
  5. Get plugins for extending the abilities: Plugins are beneficial in extending the functionalities of the website. Plugins will help you increase the website’s credibility and features, and you don’t even need to have any knowledge of coding. There are so many plugins that you can get, and to add on, they are free of cost. You can search for them on the internet and get services.
  6. Make a page and adjust the website navigation: Creating the basic pages of the website is also very important. If you don’t have the primary pages with the information on your website, then no one will know anything about business. Those pages include contact, privacy policy, and info about the store. After this, you should also write a blog on your website and adjust all the website’s necessary navigations.

The bottom line

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It is a tricky task to make the website, but it is an easy task with the right information and knowledge.

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