3 Best WordPress Blog Themes Of 2020 And Their Benefits

3 Best Wordpress Blog Themes

WordPress helps the developer to create and manage the content on a website; if you are one of those person who are looking for the best themes of wordpress to either create or to manage the content of the website, then you might require some of the best wordpress blog themes for your website.

There are thousands of free wordpress themes available online in the library, from which a developer can select the best theme and manage the website’s content accordingly. But it becomes really very typical to choose from the list of thousands the best-suited theme for you and that too when you are a beginner.

Benefits of wordpress themes

 There are several benefits that wordpress themes can provide to a user or a developer while creating a website and managing its contents. Have a look over the benefits:

  • Flexible for the use of the creators and also helps you to manage and adapt the changing need of the website’s trends.
  • Using the theme is easier for you as a beginner, and you can make all the desired changes in your website that will help your website look attractive and informative for the final reader.
  • There are multiple options for a website where a website is used; it becomes necessary that the user creates a flexible website, and multiple options are used at the same time.
  • A website is a combination of many links, hyperlinks, plug-ins, and functions, which helps in creating an overall website. This is the reason why the best theme is required for building the website and manage its content.

 3 best themes


wordpress Theme - neve

The starter pack of using the best wordpress blog themes to develop your blogging website comes with the Neve theme. It is a lightweight theme that can be used in creating almost every website; the customization that the user wants to do is easy and fast with the help of this theme.

Features include:

  • Great for mobile use and is a lightweight theme
  • The coding of the theme is optimized as per the browser’s search engines.
  • Editing is easy, and the user can see the real-time changes that they make.

If you are doubting your coding knowledge before applying this theme and hesitating that it may cause an issue to you, then don’t worry because it can work practically with all of its page builders.

When you are willing to create your blog on your specifications, then Neve will suit you best to manage the content on your website.


OceanWP - wordpress Theme

On the second number, OceanWP is regarded as the best wordpress theme for your blogging website; this is because it is really very easy to use and is a theme that creates clean layouts. Due to its developer-friendly behavior, it becomes really very easy for the beginner to use this theme without facing any barrier to coding the theme or the website.

Features include:

  • No codes are required; you can use the theme with your best available options with extensions in the library.
  • It helps the developer to edit the settings on a mobile device also.
  • It helps your website to work with the most popular page builders.

The best thing about the theme is that the theme does not have a premium version and is the same for all the users who want to use it; it also helps the developer customize their website content easily.


Astra - wordpress Theme

Astra is among the top wordpress blog themes that are available online for the user to create some better quality of layout and website layout. It is easy for the developer to create and manage the website layouts and also to add the different types of plug-ins on the websites. Not only for the blogging website, but the theme is also beneficial for any other kind or website that may include your shopping website, news website, or any other service provider.

Features include:

  • Easily can add extensive add-ons to your websites.
  • The theme is extremely mobile-friendly and can help the user create and edit the website using a mobile device.
  • Astra is also available for the best use and creation of your e-commerce websites.

When we compare the other themes of the wordpress with Astra, you will find that it has a vast library to choose from and create your best website layout.


Finally, you have the three best wordpress blog themes that can help you to create the best website and also helps you to manage the content of the website.

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