How to install a SSL certificate on a WordPress website?

SSL certificate on a wordpress

The website has become a critical source to promote our business and services; every big or small company needs a website. If you have a small level of business and you cannot afford a web developer, you can use tools like WordPress to make the website. This tool offers us themes and plugins to make the website, and due to its CMS (Content Management System) features, we can make the changes on the website.

Website is an important resource for any business or organization, as it contains personal information of both business and the customer. Hackers and Crackers can attack your website if it does not have a security layer protocol named SSL. You can identify the layer that has been applied if the website has a prefix named HTTPS; a website like this is ranked highest on the Google search results. The data is protected by the layer by encrypting the transmission of data, so it becomes hard to crack the encrypted message.

 SSL Certificate

Wordpress SSL certificate is straightforward

An SSL certificate has a bunch of small files which are digitally bound into a cryptographic key that has details of the organization’s details. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer; this technology is used worldwide to protect you from any attack. The main job of this layer is to encrypt the messages exchanged between the web browser and web server. 

When the certificate is installed, we have a new prefix for our website that is https. This technology can be founded on websites that involve information about financial topics. Presently the majority of the search engines suggest the website to have an SSL Certificate; now we can see how the majority of social media websites and blogs have an SSL certificate. Two things are bonded by the SSL layer is a domain name, server, and organizational identity. 

Price of SSL certificate

This layer is provided by the hosting services, and every service has a different cost regarding the certificates. There are also different types of SSL certificates; for example, a standard certificate would be great for a personal or low-level website, and a powerful layer should be provided for the website, which is a high-level e-commerce website. So choose wisely, choose the certificate according to your needs. The other number of features make the difference in the price, such as multi-domain, domain validation, and many more.

Installation of the Certificate

The installation of a WordPress SSL certificate is straightforward, you have to do a little coding, and the layer would be added to your website. In a matter of minutes, you would be providing security to your visitors coming to your website. Manual changes are available, or you can use plugins to have automatic changes.

Get the SSL certificate

The first step is to get the certificate from the hosting services; presently, many hosting services offer us a free SSL certificate to add to the website. A number of services allow us to transfer the certificate from a third party. If you are using the default plan of hosting services, then there is a good chance that you have an SSL certificate. You can know this by checking out the plans or contacting the web hosting services.

Install the SSL Certificate

Let’s discuss how to install an SSL certificate on a WordPress website. As you have purchased the SSL, you need to install the layer on your website. The Primary step is to choose the domain for installing the certificate. If your hosting account has a number of domains, you need to choose one for the SSL certificate. This can be easily done; all you have to do is go to your account and find the admin area, after this click the installer button dedicated to the SSL certificate for a particular domain.

Using Plugins for Help

 There are many users who are complete newbies, so you may encounter problems installing a certificate for the website. A number of plugins can be used to install the certificate with minimal effort; these plugins make the necessary change you need to make for installing the certificate.  You do not need any additional efforts or inputs. You can search for the plugins on the plugin’s page, and you have easy access to the certificate. Once you searched for the plugin, all you have to do is installing and activate the plugin, and then you can make the changes.

Conclusive Words

In today’s world, websites are important for the business; if you are a small-level businessman, then you can make websites from tools like WordPress. This tool allows you to make a website with the help of themes and plugins. For a website, it is important to make have an SSL certificate to protect the website from hackers and crackers. We have enlisted steps you can follow to add a certificate to your website.    

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