3 Best Minimal WordPress Themes That Are Simple Yet Beautiful For Use

best WordPress theme

Staying artistic is the new way of spreading your work among the public; this can be done through your website too. No matter, you are owning a blog, portfolio, corporate, magazine, news, or business website, when it comes to expressing your work to the public, you need to be a little artistic with it.

The modern trend of maintaining your website means keeping it up to date and giving it a touch of artistic feeling in it. This is only possible by deciding the theme of your website. How beautiful or how ugly your website will look is something that entirely depends upon the theme that you use in your website. Before deciding the theme of your website, it becomes essential that you clearly go through your website’s requirements.

Applying a superhero theme on a portfolio website will look extremely poor, and the final user will not be able to find it good at all. To select the best theme for the website is suggested that the user selects the best minimal wordpress themes from the library that wordpress provides.

All the themes that are available in the library are available for use and are already selected at someplace or another. Some of the websites have pre-loaded layouts that means the user needs not require to put much effort into deciding the page layout.

Three best minimal wordpress themes

Here you will be able to find the best minimal wordpress themes that will help you to create a website that is user friendly, attractive, simple yet beautiful.


divi - best WordPress theme

As short as the name is, Divi is among the best wordpress themes that a person can use to create and manage their website’s content. It is a type of minimal theme that is suitable for all kinds of websites, no matter it is a blog, portfolio, or business website.

It is a theme that can help the user to create a better view of the content by using its different types of layouts that are available in the library for free. Apart from this, the theme is also suitable for all types of niches and browsers.

Divi is a theme that is capable of getting optimized on the mobile of the creator, which means if the creator or the developer needs to manage the website on their own by using their mobile phone. This makes it easier to manage the content of the website.

However, the theme has some unique designs that are easy to use, master, and professional quality results.


best WordPress theme - Kalium

If you are looking for a theme that can help you out in displaying your blog or portfolio website to its best, then you should definitely use the kalium theme for it. For all those users who buy the professional version of this theme, the theme provides them the facility to make their website multilingual.

Having a multilingual website is can help the owner to increase their sales and traffic to their website; this will also improve the ranking of your website.

Kalium provides a personalized style of the portfolio for your website; from its wide variety of different designs and templates, the theme has something or the other for each type of user and their websites. 

The theme also allows the facility to make changes in the animations and make different transitions to give it a personal touch. Apart from all these, the gallery, slide show, and layer slider features of this theme make it best to use a beginner who doesn’t have much time to spend on their website’s layout.


jevelin - WordPress theme

Javelin here is a theme that brings a colorful layout of the website; by using this theme, the user can experience a never before experience of creating and managing the blog website from their mobile device. Its user-friendly feature of being capable of doing the edits on a mobile version makes it the most demanded minimal wordpress themes.

Javelin provides the user access to five different custom post formats that are:

  1. Gallery
  2. Link
  3. Quote
  4. Audio
  5. Video

By using javelin, the user can find the best platform theme to build a minimal website that is colorful and unique without putting many efforts.


Selecting the best theme for your website is a responsible task for the user; this is because your minimal wordpress themes will represent your website, and it is the duty of the developer that they decide the best possible theme that suits the best to the context of the website.

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