What Are The Key Features Of Free WordPress Hosting? Are There Any Advantages?

features of free WordPress hosting

WordPress is the best, and the easiest platform one can find for building a website and hosting services. There are free and paid services on WordPress. But if you are a beginner, you would prefer the free wordpress hosting services. People who are just starting often need help with building the best website within a budget. 

You can easily find the themes for your website that are for free and also efficient for you. There are so many famous brands and companies that rely on WordPress for their online presence. There are so many free services on the internet, but using WordPress would be the best thing you would do for your website.

It is so effortless for you to register on the website as you only need to fill in some details, and you are good to go. You can get upgrades for your website with free wordpress hosting as your website will grow. However, you are free to jump on the premium website, which has paid features. 

free wordpress hosting services

Here are some key features of free WordPress:

  • It has customer care support, which is beginner-friendly.
  • You can get unlimited bandwidth within the free website.
  • You also get 3GB of free storage space.
  • There are free SSL certificates provided.
  • You get access to a lot of unpaid themes and plugins.
  • It is easy to use for building a website.
  • An easy and quick upgrade to the premium WordPress website.

Some key benefits of Free WordPress:

  1. It is easy to setup. It has an easy interface for people who are non-tech. There are no other installations required in the free application. The company provides reliability because they have the policy to maintain all the accounts with the same security.
  2. You can easily get daily upgrades and backups on the website. You don’t have to make a special time for the website; WordPress will keep all the technicalities checked for you.
  3. You get access to features like a customized dashboard, themes, plugins. They are all for free, and they are also very effective for your website at max.

What to use, free or paid hosting providers?

using the free website of WordPress

There can be many pros and cons for both aspects. But for a person that has no definite idea of website building, free wordpress hosting can turn out to be an absolute boon. There are so many ways free hosting can be a lot better than the paid ones. Read on to get a better knowledge:

  • In WordPress’s free hosting services, you can get layouts that are ready-made for you for zero amount. These ready-made layouts are beneficial for a person if you want to set up your website in minutes.
  • You don’t need to know a lot of technical things to create a website using WordPress. With free hosting, you are not paying for a single thing, and you are getting a website with effective themes and plugins.
  • If you aspire to learn or get an idea for the hosting features, this is the best platform for you. You can easily make the website and perfect yourself with the trial and error method.
  • Some people need to test their talent and are not willing to pay for it. If you use free wordpress hosting, you can get going with your start-up or blog for no payment. Making a financial commitment can be challenging, so this can be the best option for aspiring youngsters. 

With benefits, there are some drawbacks also. People see a lot of ads on the free website. These ads are important for the website, but they can irritate the user a lot of times. But if a website like WordPress can give a lot of features for your help for free, then bearing with these ads is pretty possible. 

Why do companies provide you the free wordpress hosting services?

The main reason for companies providing free services is that there is a lot of competition. Once these companies like WordPress give you free services, they show you a lot of benefits of using the premium or paid website. So these free hostings can also be considered as a marketing strategy for them. 

People choose free wordpress hosting services because there are so many websites, but WordPress is the one to trust. There is no other best way to start your website than using the free website of WordPress. You get a lot of facilities from a website that is renowned and loved widely. No matter if this website is free, this website’s stability and reliability are no less than the premium one. 

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