Still, Struggling With Your WordPress Theme? Try This Simple Way To Apply It

WordPress installation

When we hear of WordPress, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is the best content management system that a developer can use to make their website dynamic and attractive in view. WordPress is among the widely used website developer across the globe and the tool that also helps in making CMS powerful.

WordPress features

Have a look over the features that a wordpress can provide to its user:

  • Customization of the website in a better way
  • Easy to search through your web browser
  • Free to use for all being an open-source of network
  • Can be used in developing any type of website
  • Highly user friendly and allows the user to add different plug-ins and features on their website.
  • Reduces your pocket stress of calling a web designer for every single use.
  • Keeps the control in the hands of the admin so that they can make the required changes on their websites.
  • High speeds upload of content and friendly for adding new photos and media.

Importance of WordPress

WordPress is mainly used for creating and managing the content on a website that may relate to any of the fields that are available in the world. However, what makes it exceptionally important in its field is because of the following points:

  • Helps in developing a purely classified website that will fulfill the goals of one’s business.
  • The kind of business doesn’t matter to the wordpress you can create a website for any kind of business irrespective of the business you do. It can be for property business, clothing business, manufacturing business, or any of your personal choice.
  • It helps to create some amazingly catchy landing pages of the website that can attract a number of customers to your website.
  • You can upload articles easily on it and can also make some specific selections from the directory that they provide.
  • Many of the business demand a review site for their site; it is actually a separate site that one can get. WordPress makes it easier to build such a review site, and with some short coding makes it possible to add it as the Plugin for it.
  • Building a membership site can be a headache for many, but wordpress provides the features that help you build the content properly so that the archive mode works for hiding the content that is not available to non-members.
  • Major number of websites that require some frequent changes and updation on their website is ecommerce websites. E-commerce websites require a secure gateway to execute payments via different wallets, and more they also need to make some changes in the pricing and discounts on their website. So to fulfill their need, WordPress can be used in creating the changes easier for them.
  • Staying connected and developing your business on different social media platforms is also equally important; wordpress allows you to create plugins that will attach a link as for your social media handles.

Another thing is that you need to make your website much more attractive by adding some beautiful themes to it. For this, you need to know how to install a wordpress theme have a look over it.

WordPress installation

WordPress Theme

WordPress installation is speedy and straightforward; just follow these steps:

  • Step1: login into your admin account because your admin account can only allow changing your website theme. After this, go in the appearance option and select the theme.
  • Step2: the next step is to select and add the theme; in case you are still not sure about which theme you want to choose, you can select one of that from the directory available that can help you to decide and search the best theme for you. Keep a check on the tags, if any, and after that, apply a filter for the screen of your website.
  • Step3: to apply the filter on the website firstly, you can check how the theme looks on your website by clicking on the preview button or on the install option; when done with your application, you can activate the link with a new filter.
  • Step4: his is actually not a step but is a step! This is because the step is only to open your website and check the view of your website after installing the theme.

Finally, it is not at all wrong to say that wordpress is the shortcut towards making your website much more attractive and also to manage the content on your web pages. Moreover, it is also visibly clear that word press is equally important for managing and creating the website.

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